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AU:You and Jai were close friends and when Beau finds out he has a crush on you he forces Jai to tell you but Jai chickens out and tells him to call you and tell you. Jai finally tells you but you don’t take him seriously because of Beau’s laughter.

A/N: This is kinda long because I got carried away. But I hope you like it (: <3

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For we-were-so-close-to-something

A/N: I hope this is okay <3

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Anonymous wondered: Love is dangerous is my absolute fave!!

AHH thank you! This means so much to me!! :) xx

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Anonymous wondered: Omg hi! Um, It's Brianna here! I'm the one who asked for the breakup makeup with Luke, and I love it! It's awesome!!!! And I can't wait for the next chapter!!! :)

OMG HI BRIANNA! Thank you so much for asking for that because it gave me such inspiration to actually write something bigger than just a small imagine and everyone seems to love it! So thank you so much for reading and for giving me the inspiration for it! :D <3

6 months ago • March/26/2014

Anonymous wondered: Are you gonna continue love is dangerous?!?! I CANT TAKE THE WAIT ANYMORE

LOL, soon, I promise. I’ll have another chapter up soon <3

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Anonymous wondered: hey! I wanted to know if u could ship me with one of the boys please?! I'm 5'5, I'm bigger than most girls.... ): but I have hazel eyes with long ombré hair, dark brown on top and light brown on the bottom. I love basketball and I love to get out of the house just taking walks and hanging out! I'm sorry if you can't ship me with anyone because I'm much bigger than all the boys... ): but thank you for listening if you do! you don't have to. Oh and keep writing, it's very beautiful..

Awh baby! No matter your size I bet you’re absolutely beautiful. You sound like it anyway! And as for a ship, of course lovely. I would definitely ship you with Luke. He would stand up for you and defend you whenever you needed it or didn’t even need it. He would be so sweet to you. Even if you are slightly younger than him I think he would take that into consideration with the relationship and take things slow until you were ready for anything. Size doesn’t matter baby, don’t ever forget that. And if you ever did start feeling bad about it Luke would be all cute and tell you he liked girls with more curves and omg. It would be the cutest.

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